Our Logo / Brand Identity

The logo/brand of Mixed Roots Foundation was created from the original artwork of the poster that was drawn in 1997 titled “Mixed Roots – Mind Your World”.   You can view the poster on the main History Page Timeline.

Staying with the concept of “Mixed Roots – Mind Your World”, the fundamental values of Identity, Diversity, and Unity, were incorporated.

The brown root signifies IDENTITY (WHO ARE YOU?):
Identity is to know oneself
The Adoptee

The multicolored roots (red, yellow, blue, and green) signify DIVERSITY (WHAT ARE YOU?):
Diversity is to know others when you know yourself
The Global multicultural adoptee community including their birth, foster, adoptive, and cultural families

The brown and yellow roots united at the top signify UNITY (WHERE ARE YOU?):
Unity is to bring unity within yourself, family, and community – In order to bring unity, you need to know and serve other people
True Unity through Collaboration and Partnership for Real Change Together

Mixed Roots Foundation - Portrait Logo with IDU Tagline - Centered-01