Our Vision, Mission, & Goals

Our Vision

Mixed Roots Foundation improves the quality of life of those touched by adoption and foster care by leveraging philanthropy and grassroots fundraising to help them achieve their dreams and goals

Our Mission

We collaborate with individuals, businesses & organizations in the greater community to promote and support organizations, create awareness, and inspire future generations touched by adoption and foster care to achieve their dreams and goals through strategic outreach, multimedia, and innovative grant making programs.

Our Goals

– Serve as the principle philanthropic steward of the adoption and foster care community
– Assist our strategic and community partners for continued growth and prosperity
– Become the leading voice in creating awareness about the adoption and foster care experience
– Develop local, national, global leadership through collaboration within the adoption and foster care community and beyond
– Grow Mixed Roots Foundation and its circle of influence

Our Values & Principles

Stewardship: We will act responsibly and caring as the philanthropic steward for the diverse adoption and foster care community locally, nationally and globally.
Accountability: We will be accountable for achieving quality outcomes for our funders, donors, sponsors, strategic & community partners and beneficiaries
Diversity: We will seek and embrace diversity and multiculturalism at all levels of leadership including the composition of our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, and will always promote and support diversity in all of our programs, events, services and activities.
Integrity: We will operate with the highest degree of integrity, openness and transparency by treating all parties with respect, fairness and honesty in all relationships.
Innovation: We will seek continuous improvement and always think creatively outside the box to provide innovative ways to make the greatest impact to the individuals, families and organizations we serve
Professionalism: We will maintain the utmost level of professionalism on all levels and create a culture of respect and honor for both personal & professional development including promoting and supporting the importance of mentoring and how it can motivate, inspire and make a difference for future generations.