Our Programs

Adoptee Mentoring Partnership (AMP)
(formerly Adoptee Mentor Program)

In partnership with Mentor: National Mentoring Partnership as well as several other strategic mentoring partner organizations, AMP will serve as a resource to connect adopted and/or foster youth (ages 7-17) to caring adults who serve as mentors (who are preferably also adopted or experienced foster care) into existing community based one-to-one / group mentoring programs.  Participants who mentor or are being mentored will have priority in receiving unique educational and career opportunities  including scholarships and grants that will allow them achieve their dreams and goals through the Dream to Succeed Fund that will be launching in January 2016 with funds available later in the year.

Global Adoptee Genealogy Project (GAGP)

The GAGP will serve as a resource for individuals and families to discover their biological and cultural roots through DNA testing provided by our DNA testing partners 23andMe and Family Tree DNA.  Adoptees and their families will be able to learn important health and medical, ethnic / cultural heritage information, and DNA matching which can assist in them possibly finding family/relatives through genetic genealogy. GAGP participants will also have access and can participate in our Spokeo Search Angels Program described below. Through the Filling in the GAGP Fund which will be launching shortly will provide discounted and free DNA testing for adoptees and their families. Please stay tuned for more details!

Spokeo Search Angels Program

GAGP (see above) participants have access to the Spokeo Search Angels Program which includes a network of volunteers who donate their own time and resources to assist adoptees search and find birth/families. Individuals who volunteer their time to help adoptees and their families are encouraged to apply and/or be nominated for our Spokeo Search Angels Awards which honors and recognizes them for their hard work.  Spokeo Search Angels winners also receive cash awards through our Spokeo Search Angel Fund that helps offset costs they incur when helping / searching for adoptees and their families.

Signature Sporting Events

In partnership with the MLB, NBA, and the NFL, we have teamed up with select teams including the LA Dodgers, MN Twins, LA Lakers, and the MN Vikings (and more), we host our signature Adoptee Day / Adoptee Night and our soon to be launched Mentor Night to raise awareness about adoption and foster care as well as mentoring at a major league sports game. Each team partner donates a portion of sales of tickets sold back to the foundation as well as provide special opportunities including First Pitch, National Anthem, going down onto the field / court and other special pregame activities for individuals and families to enjoy and feel special.  Through our Go to Bat for Kids, Tip Off for Kids and Kick Off for Kids Funds, we sponsor adopted, foster youth and their families to attend their first sports game.  Please stay tuned for our upcoming 2016 season calendar of events!


Along with our current funds including our Dream to Succeed Fund, Filling in the GAGP Fund, Spokeo Search Angel Fund and our Go to Bat / Tip Off and Kick Off for Kids Funds, We will also provide exclusive and unique scholarships, grants and fellowships to individuals, families and organizations touched by adoption or foster care that will focused on five core areas of community support: family & health, arts & culture, education & career development, business & technology, and financial literacy & philanthropy. Please check back often on when opportunities may come up, so you can apply early!